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Michigan Fashion Week | The Showcase

The Showcase : Before the show and during

The band


Jireh and I

Me and Liz
Inez and I 

Performance #1

Performance #2

The hosts

The only picture the camera could take :(

Hello everyone,
Today was very busy yet fun. The vibes were very positive, friendly and "red carpet". Everyone honestly looked really nice.Now really this isn't my first fashion show. I've been in one, and helped out backstage. Of course they weren't official fashion shows like MFW but still I do have experience.

Above I have pictures of bloggers, the crowd and just everything in between. Sadly the camera wasn't working as well with the pictures when the actual fashion show started, so I did videos instead. The videos will be up no later than Tuesday. I want to put them all together. But, for the pictures I don't know if it was the lighting or what. My pictures just came out very dull and blurry.

My look was very girlie, classy and comfortable. Since I knew I was going to be running around all day taking pictures I might as well be comfortable doing it.
This whole week though, I've been either sick or my allergies just have been messing with me. I can't really tell. I have symptoms of both a cold and my allergies *frowns* I'm held my whatever it is to the side. Its slowly getting kinda better now.

What I Wore ||
Top/H&M, Skirt/H&M, Scarf/old, Stockings/Macy's, Shoes/Marshalls, Earrings/gift, Bag/Target(old)

I also got a chance to ask a few questions to the founders mother, Pastor Sylvia from Family Victory Fellowship.

The Quick Interview ||

Me : What made you want to be apart of MFW?

PS: "Well you know my daughter has always had a passion for fashion, and this is something she always loved and it was a dream of hers. As a mom I have to get behind her and support her and really see her achieve her dreams. Plus I like fashion too!"

Me : Who inspires you in the fashion industry?

PS : I don't go with any particular person, because of my body size and shape. I have to go with what looks good on me. And then I just kind of work it with colors. I love colors, I rarely wear black. So whatever color that is in trend that's what I'll wear. I'm not much of a prints person, more of a bold colors type of person."

Me : What something you're looking forward to wearing this fall?

PS : "Boots!I have these pairs of boots that over my knee and I love them!!! So yes boots!"

That's how I spent my Saturday night, how are you spending yours?

All photos and videos are mine, please ask to use them.
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