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Lifestyle | Happy September/ Updates

Happy September Loves!!!

{{ I'm late I know but this will do}}

Also Happy Labor Day! Who's BBQin'? Please save me a plate!

So lately I would say I haven't been social networking or blogging as much. So here's an update everything with me.

Currently ||

Lusting// The closet above, sadly it's not mine already.
Reading// Eleanor and Park - so far good
Listening to// I Want To Kiss You by Devin
Watching// everything on Netflix
Missing// Degrassi :( new season needs to hurry up!
Drinking// Tea lemon flavor - drinking this all day errdayyy! (lol excuse my slang)
Reposting// On Tumblr, Tumblr is my fav now and I didn't know how to categorize that so 'Reposting' will work.
Working On// The new look and new post for this blog [[ so except the blog to be closed or not be able to open because I am adding the new look, and that will be around Sep. 10th, and will be back up again lookin' all fabulous Sep. 12th. I will remind you all on Twitter and Instagram, also here on the blog Sep. 10th --- get excited!!!! I am.]]
And I am currently so upset I can't go to fashion week. I get mad at myself every time around this time of the year! But next year, I will be 16 and will be able to go. Also school is tomorrow, first day and I can say I kinda ready. Not mentally but physically if that makes sense. I have everything except a backpack and my keys --- I'm getting it later today. Catch me on Twitter to see my backpack.

Do you start school tomorrow?? Are you excited and prepared?! Let me know! Comment ❤ ❤ 

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- Brie