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Faith | Upgrade YOUR Life

Hello lovely readers,

Today was a great service! I completely understood what the pastor was saying. This month is a challenge, it's called the 28 Day Challenge and its mainly about driving with God. It's really hard to explain, so read more here.

Oh k so today was the first day and basically an overview on what God wants for us.How He can only upgrade our life if we take the first step. And what exactly we need to do to start driving the road of life.For example if you never read the Bible, just on days of service, try reading a scripture or two a day for 28 days. If you smoke, give up smoking for 28 days. The way I see it, if you give up something bad trust and believe God will replace that with something so much better. It is definitely worth it. HE is worth it.

3 Main Points: 

1.Your vehicle for the test drive is fake you need gas 
2.Your gasoline is the Holy Spirit 
3.When you get lost, you need GPS. Your GPS is what the Holy Spirit tells you 

Without those 3 things you miss your upgrade. And to help yourself first figure out what position are you in?What do you need to work on? For example if you are saved, and never attend church, never picked up a Bible, curse, smoke and drink then you are not following the deeds of Christ. Your wondering why you aren't getting what you need or want but haven't yet to realize you don't put in effort. You are simply in the kindergarten stage. You give in baby deeds, you receive little baby blessings. If you go to church, read the Bible at least once a day, give to others, follow Christ's steps your on the college level and will receive collage level blessings.So go ahead and take that first step, upgrade your life. We should not be the problem of the world but the changers. Everywhere we go we should make someone smile, laugh, feel wanted or tell them that they are loved. Everywhere I go I think, "WWJD, What Would Jesus Do?" I promise thinking like that will help you and the people around you. 

Stay blessed loves.

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