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Addition | Faith

Good Evening,

so many of you have been asking me why did I add Faith, and what exactly do I believe. Along with many of your other questions, my strong beliefs in God and his only son Jesus has really been my main focus lately. I really want to become closer and develop a stronger relationship. I feel this and giving up rap and foul music is the only way I can give myself away since I really don't have time to go to church. As a teenager it is so much harder showing faith and staying true to your roots, blogging about it and maybe down the line finding other teen faith bloggers will keep me on task. So if you are willing to stay with me on this wonderful and beautiful journey of faith I truly thank you. So many people these day flee when the word "religion" comes up, yes it is a very serious thing but it is also a great discussion.

Below I gathered the top most asked questions from my inbox on Twitter and from some of you all asking personally who check my blog often :

What is your religion? Non denominational Christian || Meaning :  

  • not affiliated with any particular denomination or group, historically Protestant
  • practices only the core beliefs of Christianity
  • to follow after Christ
  • "One who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ." 
    (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)
Other denominations here
What Bible do you study from? NIV Holy Bible and sometimes KJV
Is your family religious? Yes.
What do you believe? That God gave Virgin Mary this only child named Jesus. More here 
Have you studied other religions? Not studied but have looked over.

these questions are in the Faith page as well :)

If you are a Christian and is interested in everything Faith wise check out the "Faith" page and category for more weekly!

Do you like the added page?? Are you trying to grow a stronger relationship??!! 
Let me know! Comment ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for reading, Follow me I'm everywhere || T: @chicvadourbyb IG: @allthingsbrie Pose: allthingsbrie YouTube: allthingsbrie {{ more social networks are on the top righter corner}}

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I love reading your comments, they make my day! I always try my best to answer all questions but would recommend tweeting me (@allthingsbrie) or emailing me (briannaablack@gmail.com) if you want to ask me anything inparticular or just chat with me! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
- Brie