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What Made the List | 2013 Fall Trends Report

2013 Official Fall Trends

Hey beautiful readers,
today I will be sharing another part of the fall series, trends. This is not an exact trend like the last one but the overall fall trends.

1 } Oversized Coats

2 } High-Impact Details in Blouses and Dresses

3 } Platform aka Booties

4 & 5 } Silver anything

6 } Winter White Dresses and Suits

7 } The Structural Bag

8 } Emerald Green

9 } High Thigh Boots

10 } Fur Skirts and Tops

11 } Plaid Suits and Blazers

SN: When I do trends I just list them, but I will be going in detail of 1 and 11 later :)
Are you liking this series so far? What are your thoughts on these trends? Would you wear them? Let me know! :)
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