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Random | Sunday's Note

Hi fashionable friends!

A lot has happened with in the week and I can only thank God. From getting the job I wanted to finding the perfect shoes I was on a hunt for! Thank You Lord! 

But, for today I did a little school shopping and I literally mean a little, I only got 4 things. No luck at Marshalls today but hopefully I find some more nice stuff later. As of now and tonight I am working on another part of the BTS Series, enjoying some Wendy's, and cleaning out my purse and closet (again, lol, it always gets messy).

For my outfit today I went very simple, since I wasn't really going anywhere. I really wanted to wear my camouflage jacket, so since today was kind of windy, it was go!Also I decided to wash my hair, I got tired of it being straight, lol.

I finally used my new camera! Here are some random, silly pics ||


Ten Things I Want to Accomplish This Week ||

  1. Go supplies shopping
  2. Start to do a little fall transitioning in the closet
  3. Run 2 miles each day
  4. Stay consistent with drinking only water
  5. Finish 2 post for the other blog
  6. Write 2 chapters of This Moment
  7. Start studying french, english and math
  8. Work on making an awesome twist-out with the hair
  9. Clean out my makeup box
  10. Finish writing 2 songs

Well Bye Loves, 
What are some of your things needed to
be accomplished this week?! Leave a comment
or tweet me!
Enjoy the rest of your night!

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- Brie