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Music | August Playlist

Hey loves!

Happy Fridayyyyyy :)
I really haven't done a 'Songs of the Week by Brianna', in a long time, really I just been liking 1 or 2 songs and felt the need it shouldn't feel up a whole post, but this week I have loads of songs! Non stop playing and still feel like I heard it for the first time, but this isn't going to be another S of the W by Brianna, this is my August playlist and you all know I like to mix it up with both old and new songs. Oh k let's get into it.

Note :
1,5,8 and 9 are RnB
2,4,7 and 12 are Hip/Hop
3,6,10 and 11 are Pop or Alternative 

Have you heard some of the songs above? Do you have a August playlist?! Let me know! :)
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