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Well Your Early August...

Hello there beautiful.

I really cannot believe this. I'm kind of upset actually but at the same time happy.
August is like a wake up call for me. It makes me realize tests, homework, irritating teachers and
a lot people just doing extra is around the corner. But then it also makes me realize that I need to rush a whole bunch fun in a little month. I'm up for the challenge! At least 3 times a week for this month I will be doing something I probably know I won't have time to do during the school year. 

And I know just how to start it off! But it will be a surprise to you all. Great news though, I finally order a real camera, no more using my cellular device!!! 

YESSSSS. It's about time right? It was on sale and I just had to have it, also I needed something to film with for making YouTube videos.

Oh yeah, I started a new account - allthingsbrie. I will have the link and all that good stuff when the videos are put up or maybe when the camera actually comes. I should be getting the camera no later then 4 days sooooo stay tuned for that! I started a new channel because there are some new rules with YouTube and the whole music thing and I guess I didn't ask Miley Cyrus to use her song, sooo yeah. And I really want to become a Style Haul Partner so I need to follow the rules I guess.

I've been doing tennis a lot lately. I think I can say that I'm a pro-fessh-ional! I maybe just need a little practice on serving, but other than that, I'm right under Serena Williams. Lol.

Ok enough of me. Enjoy your night lovelies. 

p.s I'm definitely ready for the fall season!!!!

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