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BTS Series | What's In My Mini Bag

What's In My Bag

Good Evening Beautiful Readers.

Now that the school year is approaching, I wanted to make a "What's In My Mini Bag" apart of the series.
I don't want to carry a purse this year so I'm using a mini bag, almost like a coin purse (but not as small). I will also have some other stuff but it will remain in my locker.

So here's what will be in my bag//

1 | GUM. And that's it.

2 | Lip Gloss - I do love chap-stick but sometimes lip color can
add an extra "accessory" to the outfit.

3 | Laurie Mercier Mascara- I love the lines mascara so it will be
on handy if I need a touch up.

4 | Burt's & Bee's Lip Balm - My all-time favorite, my stable product.

5 | Pink Earphones - Sometimes at school were are allowed to
listen to our music, so I always keep my earphones by my side.

6 | Sparky Pink Mirror - (I have this exact mirror) There is really no explanation for this one.

7 | Head wrap/band - Now that I'm natural, I can just fluff my hair if having a bad
hair day and rock this headband, I use a black one since it goes with everything.

8 | My Keys

Things That Are Not Listed|| Phone & IPod

Usually a lot fits in my bag. I have 3 already that are big
and can fit everything that's above.

Happy Sunday loves.
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- Brie