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BTS Series | The Looks

Hey there beautiful scholars!

Is your closet back-to-school ready? Because yes it's that time of the year again, where we get overwhelmed from tests, homework, teachers and pointless student drama. Enjoy football games, making new friends, having fun in elective classes and half days.But, today you now have one less thing to stress about, and that is what your going to wear! I have 8 different looks made just for you and later on my YouTube channel there will be hairstyles and quick tips for heading back this fall. So enjoy this BTS series with ya girl Brie! Starting today, each day there will be a BTS feature for one week!!!


BTS Series pt 1
This Look :
Gives off a very natural and neutral setting. It's very trendy, laid back and can be very comfy!

B-T-S Series pt 7
This Look:
It is very bold. This is for a day that you feel like getting some attention. For me I would wear this type of look on picture day. {{ There will be a whole post for 'Picture Day'}}
B-T-S Series pt 6
This Look:
Is classy and formal and still makes a very nice statement. This looks more like a Monday or Tuesday type of outfit.

B-T-S Series pt 5
This Look:
My favorite of them all!!! I love sweet light colors like the one above. Try this look maybe on a Wednesday!

B-T-S Series pt 4
This Look:
Very chill. This is for a day you just want to throw on something if you're very sleepy still or just not feeling like to do extra. I would wear this on a Thursday.

B-T-S Series pt 3
This Look:
I love all black. Makes you look 2 sizes smaller and gives off a very edgy feel. I would wear this on a Friday. My thing is to always look your best Monday and Friday because Monday is the start of the week and you want to start it off right and Friday is the last day of the week and you always want to leave a good last look.

BTS Series pt 2

This Look:
This look is for my girlies that are still stuck in the summer! You want to really push that summer is not over (when it kinda is). This look is very cute and simple!

B-T-S Series pt 8

This Look:
I love this look because it's "out there" and yet still well put together. Try this on a Tuesday or Thursday!

Hope you enjoyed this loves! 
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Thank you so much for reading!
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- Brie