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Brie's Note | Summer is Over. YES!

Yes, yes and yes. Fall is on the way! 
I love fall so much because it's the best season for fashion and the air is actually breathable! 
Lol! I think I had enough of this summer, it wasn't too hot but it did at times make me sweat - ewwww. 
So here's to the fall! Sadly though, I will miss being on break. 

Top Sixteen Reasons Why I Love Fall/Autumn (same thing):
1 || The clothes – I plan on remaking myself this fall and finally being able to wear what I couldn't last year.
2 ||  Cooler weather – no more sweating as I sleep.There is nothing more comforting to me than to cuddle under a fluffy blanket!
3 || Breathable air – my hair will thank me for this! Oh and my nose.
4 || Football – oh yes that's time again!
5 || Warm blankets – cuddling in my snuggie :)
6 || Pumpkins – I am so ready to try pumpkin coffee and cookies.
7 || Hot Apple Cider – warm and just sets the mood.
8 || Comfort Food – Soups, fresh bread, chili. Oh how I love it!
9 || Halloween – Time to dress up in something silly. Usually for me I do harvest feast and its very enjoyable! But, my costume has always been an angel.
10 || Sweater – I am in lovveeeee with oversized sweaters!!!!!
11 || Holiday Shows/Movies – Who is ready to see The Best Man Holiday??!!!
12 || School – I’m now kinda excited for school. Weird huh?
13 || Fall colors – the colors are just beautiful!
14 || Thanksgiving – the excuse we can all use when we gain 5 pounds in just a week.

15 || Bonfires - best thing.

16 || Candles - mostly all the holiday ones smell soooo good! And just adds a nice warm tone to the house or room.
So c'mon September I am so ready!

p.s Don't forget new look, new post, new everything Sep 12th - Blogiversary!!!

Are you ready for fall?! What's somethings your'e looking forward too!!!?? Let me know! Comment ❤ ❤ 
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