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Blogger Tips | Organization is Key

Hi everyone!

These days its seems like so many bloggers seem to have it together and you know the ones I’m talking about. Never miss responding to comments, participating in link-ups on a daily to weekly basis, hosting their own link up or photo challenge, active members of blogging networks, contributing to other blog sites, networking until their fingers fall off, maintaining their website themselves, and even finding time to visit others to leave thoughtful comments!  And I am far from all of that, but I am surly on my way! And here's my # 1 tip on how!
Since organization is an obsession of mine, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to organize your little part of the internet. I don’t know about you but I find the more organized I am, the less stressed I feel about posting and my overall blog. Stress should have no part in blogging.  If it does, than it’s time to make a change. Blogging should be a fun, stress-free outlet! Not work.
Earlier in the day I went to my office and basement to find some supplies that I might need and haven't yet used. I found highlighters, a small notebook, colorful pens and a nice pink folder. With those few supplies, I was able to organize my ideas, thoughts, days of posting and things I might want to change on the blog. Now that I'm all organized I feel so much better and will be posting more frequently! 
Read more to find out how to stay organized!

  • A blog to do list
  • A list of post ideas. (like the one above)
  • A post calendar. This will help you remember what posts you wanted to publish on which days. And what I do is right the post ideas then next to it write the date I want it published.
  • A daily or weekly schedule. Just to help keep you on track, I don't necessarily feel this is a must but
  • A list of user names and passwords for all your social networks, affiliates and blogging networks.
  • Email inquiries that need to be responded to or followed up on.

It is so much easier to have things written down and all in order. What I do for my folder, is on one side I have my goals and thoughts for the blog and on the other side I have my posting schedule. In my notebook I write post ideas or a topic I should discuss. 

Now they do not have to be all professional, just make sure it is easy to read and the way you want! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little blogger tip, if you like this post make sure to leave a comment below and I will surly make more!

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- Brie