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Throwback Thursday

Hey loves!

Happy Thursday, wait.. it is Thursday right?
Hopefully, because I just posted like 4 throwback pics on Instagram.
Psshh. Forget it. I never know these summer break days. I have been busy though. Thank goodness for phones and reminders!! Now let's just take a moment of silence to thank the person who invented smartphones.


K I'm back.Now you come back.
Last week was very busy. Tennis in the am, this summer program I'm in during the day and late night working. But I can't complain, I love being busy. Not high school busy but money and fun type of busy.

For this Throwback Thursday I just decided to link you to my very first post and very first month of blogging.

First post here (it's very lame) || First month here (you may laugh, they are an embarrassment, I know, but HEY we gotta start somewhere)

Now I don't know if you all realize but our blogiversary (anniversary for the blog) is coming up. So you know it's going to BE BIG! Remember the date September 12th. I not going to go all mushy yet because September is not that near yet - does that sound right? Lol, "not that near." Hmmm do people say that these days?

Anyway enjoy your beautiful lives and night dollies.
And while your in bed on your phone, go to Instagram
because I know you have one and
 follow me @allthingsbrie! 

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- Brie