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Recap | My Day +OOTD

Good Evening Dollies.
Today I went out thrifting for some 4th of July looks and found 2 shirts and some great shorts! 
I will feature both in tomorrows post :) I also later on went to see some fireworks. It was not as crowded where I was sitting which made the experience overall better. So here's my day and my outfit for today.

If you follow me on Instagram then you have already seen this.
Pic 1| Me relaxing, Pic 2 & 3 | Fireworks, Pic 4| Cookie Dough Ice Cream (LOVED IT), Pic 5| ME


What I Wore |
Shirt//Moms (mine now)
Jeans//High-wasted Levis (I've lost some weight 
so there really high
Shoes//Flip-Flops - old 
(I originally wore my oxfords but I changed 
for the fireworks.They will be shown tomorrow though)
Hoop Earrings//Wal-Mart 
Hair//Just picked it out with a pick and added 
my grapeseed oil and shea butter

I don't know what I was doing on the bottom left :P

For some reason I just really love the detailing! 

Thank you for reading!
What did you do today?
Are you perparing for tomorrow?!
Let Me Know! Follow me on
Instagram @allthingsbrie and
Twitter @ChicVadourbyB :)

Have an excellent night loves.

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