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Note To Self | I'm Just Not Ready!

So lately I've been bored. Just sitting at home looking straight at the wall. I won't lie though in the morning I go for an hour jog then a 30 minute bike ride, then that's it. The rest of the day is just boredom. Today I decided that that's ending now. I'm finishing up my bucket-list no matter what now. I can not live my last summer as a 15 year old being just bored, I can't anymore. NO, NO, NO!

Tomorrow I'm doing 4 things off my list :
1. Go by a fake name
2. Learn to be a pro in heels
3. Go to the beach
4. Eat only fruit
5. Read under a tree

I've already completed :
1. Meeting a celebrity
2. Read a book in french
3. Learned how to use chopsticks
4.Worked out non-stop for 3 weeks - Proud.

Summer is kinda almost over. All I see in Toys-R-Us are backbags and freaking lunch boxes( and I was in there for my niece, lol). I just need more time. I don't want to start a new school, a new long, irritating year, another step to college - I'm so ready for college though! I need more time as a little 15 year old. Sophomore year will be the year I have my sweet 16, get a car, actually hang out later than 9 and just overall say I'm finally 16 and have freedom.


Well, I need to make the best out of July and August.

Good Night ...

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