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Lifestyle | My July Favorites!

My July Favorites!

My July Favorites! by chicvadourbyb featuring topshop

Morning babes,
I made a list of a few of my favorite things in July so far. I've been loving so much but I narrowed it down :

1 | Get Lucky is such a poppy and uplifting song. This is the first song I listen to when I'm relaxing at the beach. 

2 | My makeup has been very light for summer. But, then again I don't really wear much makeup like foundation, concealer or all that other stuff. So the things that's been keeping my face still fresh are my Burt's & Bee's lip balm (love this), my Laura Mercier mascara and tinted moisturizer (in mocha) and my cat eye sunglasses. 

3 | I am still on the hunt for so many things! But here's a few : A floral dress, 2 pairs of Vans in fun colors, a beanie, a crossover bag (there so much easier to carry) and some bows.  

Thank you for reading my favorites! What's some things you've been loving in July so far?!
Let me know! I'm on Twitter @ChicVadourByB and Instagram @allthingsbrie so follow me loves (yes I follow back).

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- Brie