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Lifestyle | What's In My Bag?

Hey loves.
I have not done these in such a long time! As I was brainstorming on my blogging pad, I realized it was time for another series of what's in my dang on bag. So let me not make this a long post, let's get right into!

My Bag || Coach Leather Crossbody
(gift from my sister, Britt)

{{ This is my everyday bag because it's easy to carry and goes with almost everything. }}

What's In It? ||

IPod Touch
Fro Hair Pick
Bath & Body Works Lotion
Coach Wallet
Burt's & Bee's Lip Balm
VS Lip Gloss
Aleve Pills
Pink Earphones
A Pack of Spearmint Gum

And that's really it, but when I carry my bigger Coach bag I have the same things above plus ||

Disinfectant spray 
Body Spray
Mini Makeup Bag 
Girly Things Bag
A Book
Pink Pen
Backup Stud Earrings
Nuts or Granola Bar
And maybe some other things, it all depends.

My other Coach bag // it's empty now because I'm using the other one right now

So that's pretty much it. I do carry a lot of things in my bigger bags, I do admit that.

Anyway enjoy your day loves.
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- Brie