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Hey lovelies!

I first just want to start off by saying, thrifting does NOT mean you're poor. In society today a lot of people still have that flaky side of thrift shopping, ever since that thrift shop song came out people started thinking maybe it's oh k. And it is! I honestly do not care what people think. I enjoy thrifting, I find so many great items that I see at Urban Outfitters for like 50 bucks and there it's just 5 bucks. I won't lie though, maybe back in the day it use to symbolize being un-wealthy but now you will find thrift shops packed with middle and upper classes.

So anyway,
a few days ago my mom, sister and I went to Goodwill. I found some fabulous things that I just cannot wait to wear. 2 of the items are for the fall, which is making wish for fall to hurry up!!! Fall is absolutely the best season for fashion in my opinion. Maybe even winter too.

Here's what I got //

Camouflage Jacket - found this in the men's department, and had to have it! I've been looking for one of these for the longest that was cheap, so I'm so happy about that. I plan to wear this jacket with so many different looks.

I don't know what type of jacket this is sooo, I'll just call it Jacket - my sister actually found this for me and made/forced me to try it on. At first I thought the arms wouldn't fit me, but it turns out it was actually kinda big on my arms (my workout plan is working :) ) This would look great with a skirt or some jeans.

peep the Doritos, lol

Leopard Flats by Lauren Conrad - Well it's about time!!!! I have been looking all over for some decent lookin', cheap leopard shoes. I didn't care if it was chucks or heels, I just wanted some more leopard that was cheap but still didn't look cheesy! But, I'm glad they are flats. Flats are so comfy and still at the same time cute.


I also got a Snuggie, I mainly got it because it was pink and only 1 dollar (it was 1.99 but it was on sale)!

And now for me favorite out of all the things, this gorgeous, floral print, perfect for the fall blouse! And my sister picked this out for me as well. It is very big, but it's still looks good. What's also cool about it is that in the back it buttons up, kinda in a way of turtle neck.

If you love thrifting or maybe recently went thrift shopping,
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Thank you all for reading, and
have a blessed and smooth week.

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