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Hair | Transitioning to Natural Hair

So you want to be natural? Well great! Congratulations!
Women all around the world are making the decision to go natural. Going natural with African-American hair is a beautiful and an exciting experience. People decide to go natural for a number of reasons, mine was to help get my hair back healthy and beautiful the natural way. In April of 2013, I went natural. There are two ways to go natural: the Big Chop (B.C.) and transitioning relaxed natural hair.No I didn't do the big chop and I didn't have relaxed hair. So it was very easy for me to transition. Doing the BC was NOT an option for me at all! I felt there was no need and plus I would terrible with short hair! I feel that you should only go that route if you recently got a relaxer or if your hair is really damaged. Other than that if you have not gotten a relaxer for maybe I would say a year then transitioning should be easy.

Now basically let me just go back a second and explain what "Going Natural" really means. Being natural means NO HEAT! No curlers, flat combs, not even really blow dryers! I say not really because you kind of can. If you use it on cool then that's not damaging. But, I'm sure you get the point now. 
There is a lot to deal with while being natural. It can be fun and fulfilling and at the same time upsetting and irritating.You just make the best out of it!
Black natural hair is beautiful, especially when it's taken care of.  In the same way that you wash, moisturize and care for your skin the same should go for your hair. The first struggle I had with my natural hair was trying to know if it was moisturized enough, so I would pack my hair would shea butter with causes build up - what a no no.Also I had a problem with washing.For me that damaged my hair, and I lost so much moisture from it. Well moisturized hair is the key to growing natural hair. I achieved this by washing my hair every 4 days, followed by a deep conditioning and/or a oil treatment. Some people wash or co-wash (only washing with conditioner) every other day and that works for them. This process is all about you and your hair.Many people take vitamins to help speed up hair growth and give you healthy hair such as Keratin and Biotin.From my experience with Biotin, yes it made my hair grow, as well as on my arms and legs.So that quite didn't work out. For a shampoo choose one that is free of harmful chemicals. Learn to be able to read the ingredients and see what's good or not! That will make a lot of things easier :)

My 3 Tips:
  • Build a Natural Hair Care Regimen - examples here
  • Do your research on your hair type and natural hair in general -watch videos and read articles!There are so many great naturals out there with more experience that will show you exactly what you need! (Below I put a list of my favorites websites and YouTubers)
  • Learn hairstyles that work for you! - my transitioning style were twist outs! 

My Favorites :
Shameless Maya


This also helps : http://www.naturalhaircarenews.com/2012/06/17/tips-for-transitioning-from-relaxed-to-natural-hair-black-haircare/

Some pics of my natural hair :

Third day of being natural 

Second day of being natural

Last Note: Please do not look at other people!! Just because something worked for them, doesn't quite mean it will work for you!!! And just because there hair grew 12 inches in 5 months doesn't mean your doing something wrong because yours is not growing that fast. Everyone is different!!

Enjoy your natural journey!
Also check out my Natural Hair Journey page for everything on my hair!
You can find more tips, my experience and tricks from my book coming soon!

Thank you for reading,

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