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We Live Free by Teens for Teens

Hey wonderful readers.

As I told you all before, I think like 4 times already lol, I've created a blog for teenagers. It's sorta like a online outlet, magazine and a little journal We share our thoughts, hopes and desires. For those mad and irritated days we help one another and just vent if we have to. This is a safe online spot for ALL TEENS. Teens 14-18 and 13 if your mature enough.

We have some post up already so check them out here

If you want to write for WLF click here

Want to check out the writers? Click here

Being teenager is so hard and overwhelming at times. We Live Free is just to help those days and help teens to realize there is another way.

So please get the word out!!! Let all the teens know there is a new blog just for them wrote by people like them! The things we write just might help a teenager out there.

Have a blessed and great Friday loves.

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