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Wake Up Kids,We've Got the Dreamers Disease

This week I have been loving A LOT!But, I've narrowed them down just for you. :) I'm doing it in no order but will list if it's a religious song.

'Replay It' Songs:
Praise Him Advance - Marvin Sapp (Gospel song)
When A Heart Breaks - Ben Rector
Beautiful - Mariah Carey ft Miguel 
Ready - Fabulous ft Chris Brown

And for all-time favorite as of now ...

You Get What You Give by New Radicals 

If you haven't heard it yet, hear it here right now, lol! 
The title of this post is from this song, it's the first line he sings! 
This song makes me feel happy, sad and motivated at the same time!

Some of my favorite lyrics from the song:

But when the night is falling 
and you cannot find the light 
If you feel your dream is dying 
Hold tight You've got the music in you 
Don't let go 
You've got the music in you 
One dance left 
This world is gonna pull through 
Don't give up 
You've got a reason to live 
Can't forget you only get what you give 

Thank you for reading!!! 
Enjoy your Saturday :)
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