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Summer, I'm Ready | Bucket-List

Good Morning Love Bugs,
A couple of weeks ago, like maybe one week before school ended I had a big motivation for acing my finals. And that was my bucket-list for 2k13 summer. My studying and work was a such a drag I needed something to remind me that summer is on it's way. Below I am sharing my adventures that start tomorrow. Each day I will be doing one of these things on my list :)

Now for some things you're probably thinking, "I do that now and on the regular", but I am the type of person who sticks to one thing and that's it but not all the time. For example, every time I go out to eat I order the same exact things, chicken tenders w/ heated barbecue sauce, fries and strawberry lemonade. Why? Because I love me some tenders and you can't go wrong with them, there the same at every restaurant!Also, I am a Christian and I can't do things to bizarre. Lastly, things cost money, and I'm doing mostly things that are free! So here's my bucket-list!!

Have a blessed and safe Sunday!
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- Brie