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Natural Hair Series:

It has definitely been a while! My hair has grown a lot and I've gained so much moisturize, but I will say I have lost some shine. So as of right now I am focusing not length anymore but the shine of my fro! Also right now I'm looking for some more up-do hairstyles. I've tried many down twist but it's time now for my fro and curls to go up, because it's getting way too hot and I'm getting irritated with all that hair on my face. 

I haven't changed much of my products or my regimen but I recently bought the herbal oil from Wal-Mart and I've heard multiple good reviews from natural hair sites and blogs. It's called Africa's Best Herbal Oil

I haven't tried it yet but I will soon and it will be for my hot oil treatments, so when I do my hot oil treatments I will share it with you all :)

Are you natural? Do you use this oil? Does 
it work for you? Let me know!!
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