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My Day : MLK Walk

Today I went to Detroit to go to the MLK walk. It was hot, humid, and crowded. But, I will admit though it was fun and really opened  my eyes. With the speeches and inspirational pictures, it reminded me of my roots. 

So here's so pictures from my day.

Also I know I've been slacking but for a great reason. I don't know if you remember that post about me doing a teen blog, but I'm working on that now. I have about 6 or 7 lovely teenagers who are helping achieve We Live Free. BUT WE NEED MORE PEOPLE! Only 4 more spots left, so if your a teen and love to inspire please email me at briannaablack@gmail.com The blog so far: welivefreebyteens.blogspot.com 

The Pictures:

My brother, weird view of him!

It was way to hot!!!! 

Well that's it for today :)
Enjoy your day loves and please email if you
want to be apart of We Live Free by Teens for Teens!!

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