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Dear Freshman Year,

It feels like yesterday was the first day I walked into the school not knowing a soul. I wasn't scared and wasn't shy but I did at time feel very unusual about myself. That week before school something had hit me hard and it all started with a scary movie. I had a lot of stereotypical types (thinking of the movie Mean Girls) in my head while in the loud, annoying and over crowded auditorium, which was around 7, maybe 8 almost. Looking around and seeing everyone having someone to talk to and scream, "OMGOSH I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!", yeah, that wasn't a highlight. The first couple of days were rough, not only because I didn't know anyone but also because I was going through something. 

I remember going in a hot gym and trying to get myself together because I was up next for pictures. I look at my picture now, and it's the one that I haven't yet thrown away- I actually like this one. I like it so much that I put in my banner up top on this blog. 

That first week of school on Friday, I meet three girls. The girls I now call my sisters. We all came from Southfield schools and didn't no anyone, so of course we clicked! I've learned a lot from them. History, jokes, more weirdness, and so much more. 

During 2nd Trimester, I started to meet more people and develop more friendships. Friendships that led to texting buddies of today. 

There is so much I could say about you freshman year, A LOT! I mean through all that tough love, late night studying and having the quiz or test only worth 15 points, irritating moments from friends and guys I crushed on, anxiety/stress, and just a whole lot of new things.Some good, some bad, but I would definitely say the good tackled the bad. It made me create this blog, meet cool and interesting friends for a lifetime, having the best teachers with great advice, learning that boys aren't no good and overall how to stick to something and actually be good at it. 

So anyways freshman year, you were definitely tough on me, but nothing I couldn't handle. I maintained a 3.5 GPA the whole year then I had math, so I'm at maybe a 3.2 or 3. Math sucks. Algebra sucks. 

But hey, I will not miss you but thanks for the experiences freshman year. Looking forward to sophomore year (the minority of high school under freshman's).

Happy Summer 2013 Loves :)

My First High School Game 

Thank you for reading!
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