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Yes... I Know!

Hey loves!
I keep having these little MIA sessions and it needs to stop! Freshman year is almost over and I really need to grind and these grades to all A's-that's my goal. And that meant having to put the blog and you loves on hold for a second. But, as always I'm back and knowing me or myself (however you say ) I need to make this a 3rd priority. School first, my house and work duties then blogging. And of course staying close my Heavenly Father and going to church beats all of those. Soooo I'm a busy gal!

Well, let me catch you all up!
First off HAPPY "BELATED BELATED"(if that's the right word to use) MOTHER'S DAY!

I wanted to do a full post on what me and my mom-ayy did but I had no time. :( - I know. And it's too late now... But, I did see Peeples! Great movie! (Maybe I'll do a post on that let me know in the comment box!)

Second I've been and still am filming some more fabulous
YouTube videos! I thinking of doing a "Draw My Life!"

If you have no clue-zie on what that is don't click here but here!- Slow/goofy moment I guess. Obviously I'm lame, lol.

Third, I've been posting on Insta and tweetin' on Twittah! So follow me lovelies!!
IG- chicvadourbyb // Twittah- ChicVadourbyB

So yeah. There really wasn't that much catching up to do but, I will be back at 3 times a week for posting! And I'll catch you up on my hair (I'm so happy it grew 2 inches already!).

How did your Thursday go? 
Are you following me on Instagram and Twitter?
Any weekend plans!? Let me know!!!!
Happy Thursday..tomorrow is Friday!! Yay!
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- Brie