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Songs of the Week

*I meant to post this yesterday but I didn't. I usually don't post in holidays but I'm making an exception*

Good Afternoon!!
I was looking through some of my older post and realize I haven't done a "Jam of the Week" which is now changed to 'Songs'! New look comes with more new changes!So here it is. Now just know I haven't been listening to rap or hip-hop lately because I don't either agree with what their saying or just because. I like the old rap and hip-hop better, so I listen to that. Most of my songs are Gospel or pop/r&b. Also they are not always new songs, some are old.

Top 3 Gospel Songs:
1.I Give Myself Away - William McDowell
2. God Will Make A Way - Bishop Paul Morton
3. Clean This House - Isaac Carree

Top 2 Pop Songs:
1. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake 
2. 22 - Taylor Swift 

Top #1 R&B Song:
1. Cruisin' - D'Angelo 

Thank you sooo much for reading and stopping by! 
Come back and visit again soon!
Stay tuned for the next 'Songs of the Week'!!
Did I list one of your favs!!?? 
What are you listening to!?
Let me know :)
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- Brie