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OOTD : May 7, 2013 (Video Edition)

Hi there!
It was absolutely gorge outside today! Michigan is finally accepting the fact it's May and it should be springy-summerish. I didn't get all fancy and dolled up today but I did add a little chic and floral to my chill look. Also I did a little accessorizing! Now instead of doing the same ole thing with pictures I made a video instead! Plus, this will help me out a little on YouTube with videos. Even though I post videos up every Sunday I still like to extra on the weekdays when I get a chance. If you haven't already seen my videos check them out here.

My explanation for my look of today will all be on the video! So to see my OOTD click here.
Maybe for the next OOTD's I will do a video as well, I like to switch up!

Funny random picture just because..

Now give me a ..

How is your Tuesday going? Anything exciting today?
Some great news maybe? Let me know!!

Thank you all for reading and supporting me with this!
It's much appreciated!


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- Brie