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OOTD : May 20,2013

Hey yall!
It is sooo hot! Summer is official on it way! I have a bittersweet relationship with summer. Its like I love all the activities and fun in the summer but I hate the heat!!! I get annoyed, irritated, grumpy and I throw at fit at every little thing - its all bad you guys. So with it being so beautiful out I went with a brighter but still spring-ish look.

What I Wore:
Jean Jacket// Old Navy
Shirt// Gifted 
Cargo Shorts// Target
Shoes// Marshalls

Earrings// very old
Bracelet// Juicy Couture Store
Necklace// F21 (Gifted)
Purse// old (Target)


Twist in a up do with un-twisted curls in the back

I came up with a new hairstyle! Yay! I will do a tutorial on it later on in the week. Stay tuned on YouTube!

My hair looks so uneven. Ugh.

And just wanted to add that random picture, lol.

Thank you reading!!
I will be spending this hot day getting Cold Stone and going to my brothers track meet.Enjoy your day loves!
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- Brie