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NOTW & Vogue Nails How-to :

A couple of days ago I told you all I would do a post on my nails. The picture on the left are the ones I had, the one on the right are what I currently have. I had to change because at school I'm in this club and it was a spa day. I did a lot of my friends nails and ended up messing up mine.. thats truly love right there, lol.
But, Im glad I changed, the words were starting to come off anyway. My friend actually did them and we were gonna do a video on how-to for YouTube but of course it was a problem uploading, we were gonna call it Vogue Nails since we were using my Vogue magazine. So I decieded to show you all how to get words on your nails in this post!

My current color was another friends polish, it was Revlon 'Mint' color.
I love it! It's very pretty and bright.

Vogue Nails How-To:
You'll need
A magazine
Rubbing alcohol
2 or 1 of your favorite polishes
Cotton balls

Step 1:
Polish your nails as regular
and let them dry COMPLETELY

Step 2:
Cut out a strip of words from inside of the magazine

Step 3:
Get a cotton ball and put some rubbing alcohol on it

Step 4:
Put the strip on top of the nail you want with the words and put the cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol on top, hold for at least 15 seconds

Step 5:
Take both the cotton ball and magazine strip off of your nail and dab with the rubbing alcohol cotton ball on the nail to take of the extra. It won't come off trust me.

Then your done! Over coat it with some clear and you have your Vogue nails!!!

Thank you for visiting and reading!!!
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow on
 YouTube to see my first uploads!

Have a blessed weekend!

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