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Natural Hair Series : Oh No She Didn't! (Hair Update)

What's Up Loves!

Today has been officially 5 weeks of natural hair!!!I say "Oh No She Didn't" because I'm in a world that's filled with all this straightness and me with a fro, so I congratulate myself for not sinking in. It was not easy what so ever. Seeing so many girls with flowing and straight hair had me thinking but then I thought back to how they got it like that, with lots of terrible heat! Today's update will include my go-to hairstyles and my morning routine. I will soon be making video review on all my new products (I've upgraded).

Go-To Hairstyles:

1.The easy pull back with a headband -
Tip: I pull my hair around the headband to cover it
and make it look like there isn't a headband.

2. Twist in the front, down in the back -
Tip: I always do this the night before!

3. Add the turban-
Tip: I like scarf with pops of color and that are printed

4. The fake blow out fro
Tip: I don't use a blow dryer, I pick it out one section at a time!

All of those looks I just showed you are my usually looks. When I want something fancy I usually stick to some twist out curls and add some accessories to my hair. My hair doesn't take as much any more now that my hair is "trained" on doing what it feels instead of being straight and silky. I really like this journey so far and can't wait to see the growth and great strength it gained from 5 months worth of NO HEAT.

A closer look of my natural hair

For more on my hair type and this journey of mine click here.
Thank you so much for ready and TGIF!!!! 
Enjoy this fabulous Friday.
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