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B Speaks : Fast and Furious 6 Opinion

My Rate: 5 Stars 

Ahhhh!!! GREAT MOVIE! 

This might be the only action movie I actually enjoyed. I rarely watch action movies so really I can't compare but on well, this was a great movie. I don't want to spoil it but I will anyway. First off my favorite part was when Vin played as Dominic Toretto jumped or I should say leaped out of his car (down below) to the other side of the bridge thingy and saved the girl! I got goose bumps on many parts of the movie. I really haven't even seen 2, 3, 4 or 5, lol, I know ... shame on me. But, I was extremely mad at how they ended it! I know it's definitely going to be a 7!!! Han and his relationship with Gisele was cute but how that ended was so so sad. I won't say what happened ( Gisele died) but... it broke my heart :(. 

This is the part he leaps over!

Overall it was good. I thought every part was interesting and I'm sure you will think so too! If you hate action movies maybe this isn't for you but if you can deal with them then GO SEE IT! I you love action movies, I'm sure you've seen it already and share the love of it the way I do. 

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