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Stalk Sunday:

Happy Sunday!

This weeks stalking goes to two people, since I didn't have a chance to do last week's I'm throwing in another must-stalk.

Who's the two people?! *yells* Drum Roll Pleasssseeee! *drums play*

J.Cole and Evan Ross!

Ahhh!!! I love me some Evan and J.Cole, lol. Evan's such a great actor and J.Cole is such a great rapper and both very very attractive. I have so many favorites. To me J.Cole in each song he's telling a story and I love that!

Here's My Playlist for J.Cole :
1. Lost Ones
2. Who Dat
3. The One
4. Blow Up
5. Power trip ft Miguel - New favorite!! check it out here


My Favorite From Evan:
1. ATL
I know he has more and when I see them, I will do a post it!

OMG MOMENT : So, I just found out that Evan is Diana Ross's son!!!

That was this week's stalk dolls! 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)


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