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Pageant Girls Do It Better...

I know what your thinking! I've sorta been M.I.A on everything expect Twitter and a little Tumblr. As you all probably have realized I'm busy high school student with a lot of inside and outside activities. I try to balance everything. But, I will be back to my regular posting!!

 this month I had the privilege to participate in a pageant again. I really love being in pageants  I feel there glamours and help a lot with inner beauty and self confidence. I competed in the 'Prettiest Hair' category  and won!Also, I won runner-up for actual winning the pageant. Here are a few pictures of that day. From my pageant dress to a mini celebration dinner at Max & Erma's with the family.

Makeup done by my mom

I received a medal, trophy and a crown!

Opening my card  from Auntie San and enjoying my crown falling off, lol

What I received from Auntie San// H&M Gift card and my favorite movie!
The food - I will always get chicken tenders wherever I go, lol!

Yes please! Yummm
being the goofy me!

I really did enjoy myself and I'm thankful for what I got!

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