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OOTD : April 16,2013

Good Evening,

A couple days ago I made a leopard wishlist in this post. I had said that I didn't own any leopard and if I were to get some I'd do a post on it. So I finally got a leopard scarf! Its very very long and cozy!
Today was a full day in school so I wanted to go for a better look than yesterdays with wearing my leopard scarf. I decided to go with my favorite vest you all are probably familiar with within my older OOTD posts here and here.

What I Wore:
Vest- Nordstrom (old)
Shirt-Target ( Plain black v-neck)
Pants- Levis (old)
Shoes - originally I wore my khaki Coach shoes but I had to change because I realized I was flooding - it was all bad!
Scarf- H&M ($12)
Bracelet- Juicy Couture charm bracelet 

Makeup: Eyeliner (over only), gel eyebrow brush and mascara

*I'm thinking of doing a "Makeup Bag" post! Stay Tuned for that!!!


*I need to work on getting solid backgrounds, I know :)

Have a great, productive Tuesday loves!


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- Brie