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Natural Hair Series : Day 1

Good Afternoon!

Last week I told you all I would start my 'Natural' hair process and show you all what I use aka my hair regimen. I don't think I have enough products and supplies yet, but that will build up later on. I plan to do many different hairstyles within the days and will do a YouTube video of all my styles!


Ok so for my products:
Tresemme Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner - Kroger (forgot price but maybe around $5)
Grape Seed Oil - Lee Beauty Supply $1.99
Comb - Lee BS
Mirror - Lee BS
Bobby pins - for styling

Hair Regimen:

Sunday: Shampoo, condition, oil scalp 
Monday: Daily moisturizer 
Tuesday: Daily moisturizer
Wednesday: Daily moisturizer
Thursday: Co-wash w/ conditioner, moisturize
Friday: Moisturize
Saturday: Moisturize
Twice this month: Two-minute protein treatment 
Three times this month: Deep Condition 
Wash every 6 days

I googled some outlines to see how it's suppose to look and tailored it to fit me
(got this outline from here )

Throughout the Day:

Mini Water Spray 

My To-Get List:

Protein treatment
Deep Conditioner
Silk pillowcases
Skinny tight rollers
More headbands

The finishing look for today..

It's a little out of shape, but still cute! 

Today's look was simple because I'm not really going anywhere today but working out and playing tennis. Maybe for school I would add a headband ,some cute colorful bobby pins, or braid the front and leave the back. My options are the endless...

If you have any great styles, let me know! I'm new to this whole thing, tips would be nice!!

Side Note: I'm very happy that I get to work out and not worry about my hair poofing or messing up!

Are you natural? How do you style your hair? 
Let me know via Instagram or Twitter! Also subscribe to my Youtube!! 
Videos will be coming!
( IG: chicvadourbyb , Twitter: chicvadourbyb, YouTube:chicvadourbyb ) 

Till next time...

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