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Hair Series : Natural Journey So Far

My journey so far has been great! I love not having to worry or over think on my hair. I do have to think about what different look I want for day though, but that's different. I snapped a few photos of each day the past few days of some ways I did it. Some are similar.

Day 1: First day I started
Day 2: After I left the twist in my hair (which is down below of how I did it)
Day 3: few curls left from day 2
Day 4: Combed it out for a fuller look
Day 5: Pulled it back with a headband and some bobby pins

Now a had to watch a few YouTube videos to see how exactly natural ladies do their hair. So many were twist outs! When I tried it, it did justice for my hair, curls wise! The picture on the far left in the upper corner is my twist out. The pictures are how it came out. 

What I Did:
Twist out
Wrap my hair (kept it on for about 2-3 hours)
Take it off and add some oil or mosterizer
Unruffle the twist
Then comb through it with my fingers

How do you do your twist? Is your hair easy to manage? Let me know via Twitter or Instagram!

Enjoy your day! Xo B.


  1. I am liking your hair! It looks beautiful.


  2. I'm so glad you're letting your hair go natural! Good for you! It is so sad to me to see so many ladies straightening their hair and taking away its natural texture. Natural is so much more beautiful. I would kill to have that kind of hair so I could do the beautiful braided styles, or even just keep barrettes from sliding out of my hair!

    1. Lol! And yes it is sad. I just realized that doing that damaged my hair bad and it was time to go natural. Thank you :)



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