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Book Club : Sometimes It Happens

Lately I've been busy with getting ready for my pageant and school starting back up this Monday.

So the only way I was gonna be able to get the full experience of the novel, was to put it my purse and yes it worked.

So far its been about how nervous Hannah is to go to school with a ex and a friend because she "did" something with her boyfriend in the summer.And basically in each chapter..well not even chapters, in each section she goes back and forth. School life then back to the summer to which led that. It was at first confusing but I'm getting the hang of it now. I caught myself a couple times yelling at the novel. I just got so frustrated at Hannah. Why? Because she didn't do anything when she saw a random freshman kiss her boyfriend. She just went straight to the bathroom. Ugh.

Sometimes It Happens is so far a great read. I'll keep you all updated on whats next.

Are you reading this novel as well? What do think? Should Hannah confront her ex? Let me know below or tweet me!

Have a great Friday!!!


  1. I've been looking for a good book! ....how old is the main character?

    xx Ani @ Catch21

  2. Well she's a senior in high school... so maybe about 17 or 18.


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