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OOTD/Happy Holy Week!

Hello Hello Hello!

This week is Holy Week and my birthday week. That means I have to dress up and just look glamours all week! Whats Holy Week you say? Well, Im a Christian and I celebrate Easter Sunday and since Easter is this Sunday, I have to dress up!

For todays dressy look, I went with a nice button down, dress pants and some flats. The shirt and bold lip really made an impact on my entire look.

Today I recieve so many complimemts and I also got the news that I on the Honor Roll!!! Yayy!

Tip: Doing a bold lip gives that extra "umph"! So when you feel a little under dressed think BOLD LIP!

What I Wore:
Shirt- moms (hand me down)
Pants- Target
Bracelet- gift
Pearls- gift
Makeup: mascara - brownish/blackish
Lip gloss- gift (fushiay/pink i think)
Eyeliner - Rimmel London

Goofy Selfie!

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