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Happy Weekend/ Blogger's B-Day Month!


Happy Friday! This week went by fast. Maybe with the help of that snow day in the middle of the week.Hmm...

Now OMG...
Its already March! It feels like it was just New Years day, and we were all screaming Happy New Year!!!! I mean I'm not complaining at all, but just saying how time flies. Soon it'll be summer then next thing ya know I'm smiling bye off to college.


So if you didn't know, Im a March/Aries baby! Been in this mixed up beautiful world for 14 years now and it will be exactly 15 on March 30th. Excited of course. I can finally take another step of teen freedom! That means driving, jobs and money, hair color, and just having the right to be rebel. Lol, a good one though, Im not a complete rebel, not yet (kidding, Im an angel). Also March means Spring time! Spring is one of my fav seasons! Thats when we can all start bringing out my fav and most worn print, florals ! Im in love with floral prints! Also, the pretty colors like light pink, baby blue and light purple are worn, so Im really excited for spring.

Well, enjoy this lovely Friday dolls! Take some time to relax and be able to not worry about anything (till Sunday that is!). Btw, for those degrassians out there, Happy Degrassi Friday!!

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