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Happy Easter Sunday/Brianna's 15th Birthday!

Good Morning!
And Happy Easter Dolls!
Today I will be attending church and will do a post on my outfit later.

Enjoy your day!

I know what your thinking and my birthday is not today, it was yesterday. I had a great time with my loves and enjoyed a great Tyler Perry movie, "Temptation". We went to Hooters to eat and then just walk around in the freezing weather with our Cold Stone. Great Night..

*I will do a post on Temptation later*

Here are a few photos we all snapped during the event.

Those random blurry selfies

Cake batter with sprinkles, fudge and brownie bits...yum!
Had to end this post off with a goofy selfie! Peep my pageant crown :)

*I will do my OOTD post for my birthday!*

more pics to come

Thanks for reading!!


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