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Catch Up With Brie

Lately Ive been busy as always. From birthday parties to out going events! But, its all been fun. Now thats its my birthday month im turning up all the way!!
Heres a little collage on whats it been like! :
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Enjoy your Monday dolls!

Going from top left to right//
1. On my way to workout!
2. Writing in my journal. I love writing my daily thoughts.
4. Looking good in my new glasses!
5. Celebrating my brother birthday
6. Selfies as always
7. Took this from Instagram - I like this alot
8. My new favorite song "Bad" - Wale
9. Enjoy that little treat. YUM
10. Me and my niece
11. Took that from Instagram as well - hasn't been working out as well ,lol
12. Want this design for my birthday!
13. Outfit!
14. Bro-in-law birthday cake - Yes, Its red velvet! 
15. Goofy me with my bold lips
16. Bowling Saturday night

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- Brie