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What's In My Jewelry Box!? :


This is a full on special on what's on my dresser/jewelry box. Some stuff I never use and some i wear as my daily must! Read on for your official dose! 

m.n : everything you see is actually mine, and sitting on my dresser right now. :)

First, let's explore to my drawers!

In here we have all my gorge studs and hoops!
I go from the dark colors like blue, to the simple stuff like pearls .

(From left to right)
Forever 21//Charlotte Russe//Claries//Forever 21//Forever 21//Forever 21//Forever 21

I love all my babies!
(In order from left to right)
|Claries//Claries//Forever 21//Forever 21//Forever 21//H&M//old//Forever 21

Now to the earrings (the ones I barely wear, I'm a sucker for studs!) ...

I absolutely hate these now, lol. I use to lovve them!
Both: old

The far left ones are from NAM (pageant girl).
| Left: NAM//Middle: Claries//Right: Claries 

To the cabinets..
I try to stay as organized as I can. I get very frustrated if something is out 
of place. They are in order by elegance/formality. 

| Mini Pink Purse : Gifted// Jewelry Box: K-Mart 

My most worn
| Left: Claries // Left Middle: Claries// Right Middle: Claries// Far Right: H&M

I cried when this happen!

As for the rest of my dresser:
Haircare Junk
Mini Makeup Box
| Brushes: Beauty Supply, Ultra// Hair Product: Mane & Tail  : Wal-Mart//
Perfumes : Victoria's Secret & Macy's// Deodorant: Dove   

My 2 favs!!
Left: Victoria's Secret// Right:PINK VS 
Crown: Pageant// Pink box : Target//Headbands : Many places

Peep the bottom photo, little Brie
| Top: Pageant 2011//Middle: Freshman Year Photo//Bottom:  6 years old photo

During this process of of making this post, I've come to 2 conclusions ; I love studs and I shop at Claries, Forever 21 and H&M a lot! 

I hope you enjoyed this fun post on my jewelry box/dresser!

If you liked and want more post about my beings, let me know!!

NOTE : ALL PHOTOS SHOWN IN THIS POST ARE MINE! If you choose to use them, please use me as your source!!! 

Thanks for reading,
Till next  time..
Stay Glamorous!!

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