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Those Sick Days... Yummy Snack

Good Afternoon.
So its been almost a week now that I have been sick. And its the type of sickness where it just needs to run through its cycle. While Im at home I decieded to make a cup of tea, with some yummy biscuits on the side. Here's my mini snack for this sick day that Im having :
What You'll Need (if you want a delightful taste in your mouth while your sick) :
Peppermint Tea
Tea Biscuits (chocolate flavor is the best!)
Now this isnt a post where I tell you how to make tea, lol. Im just telling what I use.
Now for best results of your tea , with biscuits make sure your tea is hot, if you like warm try 23 seconds, but for the yummiest taste add 15 seconds.
Cheap Shizz! : The tea biscuits were only .59 cents!
This is my yummy snack :)

I couldn't get a clear photo of the biscuits so here they are :
Kedem Tea Biscuits - Heartland 


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