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Question to the Readers/Dolls : Pt 1

The question below was open to everyone, guys and girls from Twitter, Instagram and anyone I had asked. So if you would like to answer the next question and be featured on this post, tweet me, or comment on a photo on Instagram (@roseyvintage)!

Question: Whats something in your closet that is a must keep/most worn.

My Answer: My khaki vest
"Because whenever I need to fully put a outfit together I throw that on and add a scarf and it finishes the look!"

Johnathan: My "I'm That Guy" V-neck
"It goes with almost everything in my closet, and I can dress it up or down."

Camille: My black leather boots
"They are very stylish and I can mix up many looks with the pair of boots! I love them!!"

Kanedra: My floral vest
"It's very pretty and it shows how much I love floral prints.Also, it makes me think of summer, and I love summer!"

Liz: Defintley my gray chucks!
"I love Chuck Taylor shoes and they just fit my style of simple. And their "One Direction" shoes!Lol"

Jacob: Levi and True Religion jean jacket
"It's goes with everything."

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