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OOTD : Feburary 12,2013

Good Evening Beautiful People.

A couple days ago, my school had a fashion show led by the fashion club (which I'm in). It was so much fun and I really felt the full affect of being backstage of a fashion show. I'm very happy I was able to have such a great experience.I was able captured some pics, so take a look below.

For my outfit I wanted to be comfortable because I know was going to moving a lot (and I was), and I wanted to look very stylish and chic. I achieved this look by wear some yoga pants with my leather boots and my spaghetti strap shirt with my leopard sweater.For some flare I added my heart necklace  diamond earrings and had my hair is a up/down hairstyle. My makeup was simple, simple as only black eyeliner.

Had such a wonderful time. I really plan on 
doing more in the future.

Thanks for reading,
Till next time..

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