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Morning Memo/ Life Is But A Dream :

Good Morning!

Last night I finally saw Beyonce's "Life Is But A Dream" Documentary.
I loved it. It opened my eyes to really see what life is,and ask myself if I'm enjoying it 
the way I should as a human being. Beyonce throughout the entire film spoke many great
quotes and sayings that caught my attention.Also, she had showed the perks of being famous, it's very
stressful and holds you back in finding yourself. 

I loved how B showed her beautiful baby, Blue Ivy and finally talked on the rumor of the child not
being fully hers.

If you haven't seen it already click here to watch it online! 

This film just made me love Beyonce even more!

here are some photos from the film:

"I'm not gonna try to be cool. Forget being cool, I'mma be honest."

Thanks for reading,
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