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Last-Minute Valentine's Decor

Good Evening Friends!

I'm super late on doing this,I'm been busy as usually with homework, but I feel I have to do something because Valentines day is where we can all get creative with pink and red! And I simply love pink! So read on for a easy, quick, last-minute decoration that fits perfectly anywhere, for any situation!! 

What You'll Need:
A bottle
Some tissue paper
Cardboard box

Step 1: Get your bottle and cut the top part off,
now pick your tissue paper

Step 2: Wrap the tissue paper around the bottle, covering it fully

Step 3: Now get another color of tissue paper and stuff it pretty and properly in the bottle.

Step 4: Get the cardboard box and cut out a circle for the bottom of the bottle, so that it can stand, now glue/tape it down, but if it's standing up on it's own, then you dont need it!

Your Finished!!

See, so simple and quick!

Hope you enjoyed this little last-minute feature...


Thanks for reading,
Till next time
Be Fabulous!!

Please, if you want to use the first photo, ask! 
Thank You :)

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