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I Want You To Stay...


I cannot stop playing Rihanna and Mikky Ekko's new song "Stay".
Ever since I heard it on the radio,and downloaded to my phone and IPod , I become 
inspired by the "loving and pure" words to finally finish up my own song that I've been working
on for some time now. I love singing, it's been a passion since I was 8. 

So after i finish recording it professionally I will post it on here first and see what you all think!

Now, if you never heard this song before, please, I encourage to click the link below or watch the Youtube
video and fall in love like I did! If you have heard it, you what excatly what I'm talking about! It's such a lovely and heart-warming song, I mean it just gets you in a deep thinking mode. I start reflecting on love, life and dreams - yes it does all of that, lol. 

I'm done, now it's your turn to listen. Replay,Replay,Replay!

Enjoy "Stay"


Link  - Mp3

Lyrics/Fav Lines

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