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Happy Weekend!

Good Evening Divas!
Oh k, so who else felt this was an extremly long and tiring weekend? I know I did. Especially with the school work I've been given and this sad and depressing weather.But, off to the fun of the weekend. I actually have a lot in store today and tomorrow.Glady I have NO HOMEWORK (This is a first), so my plans shouldn't mess up.Da'Jiah (bestfriend) and I are starting a YouTube account together,that involves makeup, hair, and everything beauty.We're starting our first video callob today. So excitied but nervous, but a good nervous.I'll keep you all updated on that.So Chic Vadour's Youtube channel will be created soon with What's Next, tips, how-to's and interviews. Also me and a couple of friends are meeting up at the movies to see Movie 43 tomorrow. That should be interesting!

The month that makes me feel lonely, and I realize being single is boring. Lol. I always end up with break-ups before or I get a boyfriend after Valentines Day. It just doesn't work out.Lol.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thanks For Reading,
Till next time...
Stay Glamours!

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